Depending on...


Sometimes we want our objects to do something when a certain event occurs. In other words if something specific happens our object should behave in a certain way; it is depending on this event. In this activity it's your turn to create a project where you have at least one object which is depending on something.

In the following activity overview video, we show you some examples of objects which are dependen on something. Moreover we will also show how you can achieve this in Pocket Code which you will need in order to create your own project.


Tasks of this activity:

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Create a program where you use the brick if _ is true then at least on time to create dependencies in your program flow.
  3. Upload your program and post the link to your program in our Google+ community under the category Depending on. (If you directly jumped into this activity, look at the course setup and the upload video.)