In this activity you get started with Pocket Code. You create your first program, an interactive postcard using this following walkthrough video. This activity is the only one, where you have to  follow the instructions given to you. During the creation of the postcard, the basics of Pocket Code that you need for your future projects are mediated. After this guided video, all other activities will give you more freedom to create your own personal Pocket Code projects.

Watch the following activity overview which shows what kind of postcards you can create.


First watch this video to create side by side with Stefan your postcard. After watching it, make the following steps to complete this activity.

Tasks for this activity: 

  1. Watch the video above and create your personal postcard.
  2. If you have uploaded your postcard program so far, nice. If not, upload your postcard now.
  3. Tap on explore in Pocket Code an go to your uploaded program.Tap on  and copy the link to your program. 
  4. Go to our Google+ community site. Create a new post and tap on the link symbol. Now your copied link is inserted automatically, if not insert it. Tap ok to add your program. If you want you can write something in your post. For example a question to the community or just something about your project. Important: Choose the right category postcard for your post so that everyone can find it. 
  5. Furthermore go to our participant map. Tap on your pin and add the link to your postcard program to your description of yourself to improve the image of you to the community.

Congratulation! You have finished your first program with Pocket Code and shared it with the Pocket Code community. By doing the remaining activities of this unit and you have already done one third of the fundamental workshop.