Unit 1 Overview

Are you ready to start?
Before you get an overview of the activities for this unit, please watch the video below. It shows different examples of using Pocket Code in a classroom setting and should give you a few insights into working and teaching with Pocket Code. This Video was made by the Google Play for Education team. 

Activity Overview

This unit consists of four activities. The first activity is about the setup you need for carrying out this workshop. Beside the installation of Pocket Code and Pocket Paint will see how to join our Google+ community page in order share your future projects. 

In the next activity you get started with Pocket Code. You create your first program, an interactive postcard, using a guided walkthrough video.

This activity is about the app structure of Pocket Code. Here you get familiar with the common screens of the app. 
Now it's time for you first own program. In the fourth activity you can create an creative game, animation or story by using just a few bricks.
As an exercise, you're going to be a debugger in the last activity of this unit. In some projects, small errors have crept in. Find these bugs!