Share your screen on a HDMI beamer!

The following steps shows you how to connect your device with the Samsung cast dongle. Additional you can watch the video above to get more informations. If you have a different hardware, search the web for tutorials.

If you have questions. Contact us!  


1) Connect the dongle

Attention: Your beamer must have HDMI port. A HDMI to VGA/DVI adapter does not work! First put the power cable into the power port at the backside of the device. When the device is working you see a red light. 

Next plug in the HDMI cable that is connected to your beamer. Now the red light should be blinking. 




2) Blue light / trouble shooting

If you see a blue light you have to press the reset button on the backside of the dongle. Check first if you have plugged in the power and the HDMI cable that is already connected to your beamer. After this push the reset button for a few seconds until the blinking red light appears. 



3) Connect device to dongle I 

Depending on your smartphone or tablet you will find the needed settings. One simple way to connect is to use the notification center. Swipe two times from the upper border into the screen to get to the displayed screen. Now tap on cast screen to open the cast screen menu and tap on more settings. (The name of the setting menu can be "cast screen" or "AllShare Cast" or or something own from your phone manufacturer. Hint: Look for the word cast.)



4) Connect device to dongle II 

In this list you see all available dongles. Tap on your dongle to start the connecting process. You should see on the projection area the status of your connection process.



5) Connected successfully

After connecting your screen should be casted on the projection area. If you loose the connection of the dongle. Check for the blinking red light and reconnect.